Amir Liaquat Vs Dr. Ziauddin of Ummat Newspaper- Criticism

As we all are aware of Ramadan special transmissions going on majority of Pakistani channels. Aamir Liaquat’s show “Amaan ramadan” is regarded as one of the best and popular Ramadan transmissions. His program is loved by majority people while some people have very negative views  about Aamir liaquat and his program. No doubt, the show has very positive benefits for all like Islamic question and answers session, naats session, helping poor and deserving people financially and many others.
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Tahir Shah Badly Insulted By Aamir Liaquat in Amaan Ramadan Transmission

Tahir Shah who sang the song “Eye to Eye” was called in Aamir liaqat’s Ramadan transmissionAmaan Ramadan”. We all are aware of this that Tahir Shah’s song got many negative reviews from the public. But that doesn’t mean that we will insult him. Aamir Liaqat first welcomed Tahir Shah in Ramadan transmission. He requested Tahir Shah to sing Eye to Eye and after that he tried to make fun of him. Tahir Shah got badly insulted by Aamir Liaquat.
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