Tahir Malik dead By Police Squad of Abdul Qadir Gillani

20 year old Tahir Malik shot dead by police squad of Abdul Qadir Gillani, Son of former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani’s. Tahir Malik was on way to distribute meat when he was killed for failing to clear way for squad of Abdul Qadir Gilani. Some people say Tahir tried to overtake Abdul Qadir Gillani’s squad while some are saying that he was shot after his bike slightly struck Abdul Qadir GIllani’s vehicle.

Family of the young boy protesting right now on the road with his dead body at Ghazi Chowk.

Although there have been no confirmation on the mainstream media, people from Defense area of Lahore where the incident took place have been inboxing us and letting us know about it.

This country is going to hell, nobody cares for the life of an ordinary human being. Specially the VIPs! We saw what happened with Shahzeb, we saw it once again! Down with VIP culture!

Lahoris! Go OUT and join them! Just like Karachiites spoke out against the VIP culture today it is your turn to speak against Injustice!

Tahir Malik

Maqsood Bhai ” Quddusi Saahib ki bewah ” Passed Away Today

Maqsood Bhai

Maqsood Bhai

Maqsood Bhai famous theatre, TV and radio artist passes away. Kindness and an entertainer, breathed his last in Karachi. In the early 80s he and Munni Baji’s sister he were doing Bacho ki Duniya at radio Karachi. May his spirit rest in peace.

Veteran radio, television and stage artiste Maqsood Hassan passed away on Wednesday due to heart failure in age 67, Roznama Express reported. He leaves behind a wife. Married six years back, they did have no children. Hassan, like many celebrities of his generation, had started his career from a children’s program on Radio Pakistan. Hassan lent his voice to many drama serials from room no 9 of Radio Pakistan. His acting career, spanning almost 50 years ranged from performances for television, radio, stage and film. Expert actor Muhammad Ali was closest to Hassan, having worked with him in many plays, including those produced by Khuwaja Moinuddin.

Besides his career in the celluloid, the airwaves as well as the small screen, Hassan had also showcased his performing talents on the theatrical stage, some of which were with celebrated performer Moin Akhtar. His play ‘Bakra qiston per’ gained critical acclaim. Despite his exploits on stage, and film, radio, Hassan will be most remembered for his part in the television drama ‘Quddusi sahab ki bewa,’ which was based on problems. His most memorable picture remains ‘Jaag utha insaan’. His funeral prayers will be held on Thursday  at Ghazali mosque, Civic View, Hassan Square.

Mathira Blessed With A Baby Boy Pictures

This is the first kid of Mathira. It was only few weeks ago that Mathira spoke up about her secret wedding back. She didn’t find it necessary as a simple ceremony was it according to her to announce about her secret wedding.Some people said that Mathira’s secret wedding is just a cover for her un anticipated pregnancy. It is difficult to believe that person like Mathira can conceal any thing from her devotees.

Everyone has surprised with a shocking news. YES! Mathira gave birth to a baby son today. See the exclusive pictures of the new Born kid below.
About her secret wedding, she’d disclosed in her last interview with Dawn.
mathira-baby-boy-1 mathira-baby-boy-2 mathira-baby-boy-4 Mathira-Gives-Birth-To-Baby-Boy

Shanakht New Drama Serial On HUM TV

A Brief Introduction:

Shanakht is a new drama serial which is being aired on Hum TV. The drama has been written by Amna Nawaz. The main purpose of this drama serial is to promote the young generation towards the right path. Moreover, the drama resembles other drama serials like Mujhe Khuda Py Yakeen Hai and many more.



Maya Ali As Lead Role:

Previously Maya has appeared in many drama serials like Meri Zindagi Hai, Khoya Khoya Chand, Aunn Zara, Ek Nayee Cindrella, Laadon Mein Pali, Ranjish Hi Sahi etc. She has always seen playing the role of a tom boy on the screen. but this time, she will appear in a totally different new look. Her this look is amazing. She is wearing an Arabian Hijaab in this drama. Hijab really suits her a lot. Other lead stars include Noor Hassan and Shamim Hilali.


Story Line of Shanakht:

Coming towards the story line of this drama serial, the story revolves around a girl (played by Maya Ali) who gets guidance from Allah Almighty, she starts following Islam and she becomes a very pious lady who wears Hijaab. As the girl has been brought up in a high class family, so she has to afce many troubles in her life. Like her hijaab is not being liked in her family. People start rejecting her for marriage as she is not modern and wears hijaab. There are other such problems and obstacles which she had to face.
The story line of this drama serial is really very interesting and you will love watching this drama. For more updates on Hum Tv drama serial Shanakht, stay tuned with us.

Rose, Mathira’s Sister First Debut in Movie Azaad

A Brief Introduction:

Rose Mohammad is the sister of famous and renowned celebrity Mathira. Rose began her career with a yoga show on Vibe. Later she did a night show on the same channel. The news is that Rose has now stepped in the field of acting. Her sister Mathira introduced her by stating,

“It feels great to introduce my sister in the same industry because at the end of the day it is sisters who help sisters in making big decisions in life.”
“I was always interested in acting,” rose said


Upcoming Movie Azaad Description And Story Line:

Azaad is a new upcoming movie, directed and produced by Hassam Khan. The trailer and the first look of the film has gone viral on the social media and different many social sites. However watching the trailer of the film, we can predict that the film will be interesting enough to attract audience from all over Pakistan.
Coming towards the story line of the film, it revolves around a forensic psychiatrist namely Dr. Talat Ali, who has been charged with eight murders. Mathira’s sister will make her appearance int his film. She is very talented and she has got superb acting skills. It seems as if she will manage to win audience’ appreciation through this blockbuster film Azaad. It is her first step in Pakistani film industry. This movie will be a very important step in her showbiz career.
According to Mathira, Rose through her potentials and skills will be able to gain audience attention, popularity and fame. According tot he reports, Rose won’t be seen in the product tunes as Mathira. She thinks that Mathira is suitable for the product tunes.
Furthermore, we will keep on updating you as soon as we get to know more about the film. For more Lollywood updates, movie reviews, celebrities news and accurate collection figures stay tuned with us.

Mathira, Popular Celebrity is Pregnant With an illegitimate child

A Brief Introduction:

Mathira is a 19 years old VJ/RJ and popular celebrity of Pakistan showbiz industry. She is well known all over the country for her extremely blunt attitude and boldness. She is the queen of controversies. Well Mathira has always been on the social media for all worng reasons and different scandals. People call her another Veena Malik who is inclined towards showing her figure and it seems as if she enjoys such million-dollar deals.



Some Of Mathira’s Scandals:

There are many popular scandals and controversies about Mathira all over the social media. these scandals include “Exposed Live on Television”, “Dress-Slip/Wardrobe Malfunction at Fashion Pakistan Week 2012? and “All-Bare For May Photo shoot.
Dress-Slip/Wardrobe Malfunction at Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 is one of her most popular scandal. It was reported that while she was walking on the ramp of the Fashion Show, her white top suddenly fell down. However, she is a confident girl so she didn’t let her performance affected. She completed her performance with great style. Later on she picked up her top and moved behind with her natural amazing style. She wasn’t even embarrassed for all this and didn’t even feel a little bit shy. The wardrobe she was wearing was by Saima Chaudhri’s wardrobe. She tweeted,

“Yeah so what if my top fell down. S*** happens at fashion week.”
Moreover, Mathira is also considered as Paris Hilton since her naked pictures got leaked all over the social media.

Mathira IS Pregnant With An illegitimate Child:

Mathira is again back with her new scandal. Yes, the news has been confirmed that Mathira is pregnant with an illegitimate child. Mathira as we knew hasn’t got married and lives alone in her flat at Karachi. The news got confirmed by sources from Agha Khan Laboratories. She went through ultrasound and her reports came to be positive. It was reported that she was bearing a 1.3 months little baby. She became shocked to hear such news.
It was also informed that Mathira was admitted to the gynecology ward between 6th – 7th of October. However, Dr. Uzma Pasha is treating her for undefined medical reasons.
We will keep on updating you as soon as we get to know more about this case. For more Lolly wood news updates and Mathira’s scandal news, stay tuned with us.

Poultry Farm Business in Pakistan


Chicken is the most important food item used very commonly. As a business, chicken offers opportunity to earn huge profits and generate good income. Moreover nowadays young generation is more inclined towards fast food. Chicken is the important ingredient int he fast foods. Thus one of the major customers of poultry farm are the fast food hotels and restaurants.

Poultry Farm

Steps To Start Your Own Poultry Farm Business:

In this piece of content we will guide you about the major steps important for opening up your poultry farm business. Lets have a look:
There are four major steps you need to follow for opening your own poultry farm. Remember that you need huge investment in this business.
firstly, you must know about the area required for keeping your chickens. Here is the chart which will guide you about the area required according to the no of chickens.






Light chicken


3 sq. ft.


Heavy Chicken


4 sq. ft.


Cage shed

4.75 sq. ft.


Cage shed

30,000 sq. ft.

1. First, you have to design an anterior structure. Place boxes in the farm so that hens may lay eggs. Each chicken must be given one nest.
2. Remember that chickens require 80-90 degree temperature. Thus heaters must be placed in the farm.
3. Before buying chicken check that they are of good quality and don’t posses any kind of disease. One rooster must breed for at least 10-12 chicken. Opt for those chickens which have quality meat like Plymoth, Rock or Cornish chicken.
4. Moreover, be sure for the cleanliness of your farm to prevent chickens from certain viruses and diseases. Place proper dishes of water in your farm. Lets the chickens wander in the yard.

These are the major steps required for starting up your poultry farm business. For more information and details, stay tuned with us.

Small Business Ideas for Pakistanis

A Brief Introduction:

Small Business refers to your owned business which requires less investment. The trend of setting up small business is very common in different many countries including Pakistan. If you are creative and innovative, you can open up your small business. However, at the start you can begin up with low investment and later by you can expand your business into a larger one by gaining huge profits.
We are here to provide you with some best small business ideas. Have a look at them please and choose any one of them which best suits you.


Small Business Ideas for Pakistanis:

Create Your Own Blog/Website:

For this you need to acquire enough knowledge about website business and internet. You can start up with a low investment of 5000-6000 pkr in buying a domain and hosting for your blog/website. Choose the category you are interested in. You have to update information about your related category on daily basis. It is recommended that you spend 2-3 hours to your site on daily basis.

Open a Shop or Store:

You can open a small store or buy a franchise. This requires investment of about 2-3 lacs. Later you will be able to expand your business within three years of your hard-work. And then you can expand your small store into a larger superstore.
Poultry Sector:
However, opening your own poultry farm requires huge investment. No need to opt for that. You can simply invest some money in it like investing in chicks, bringing them up and then selling them at good prices. Moreover, you can also invest in their transportation from poultry farm to different hotels and other catering services.
Investment in Grains and other food items:
Investment in food items and good crops can help you gain huge profits. Such grains and food items include rice, wheat, sugar cane and many more.
Other Small Business Ideas:
Moreover, you can opt for some other small business which include,
Content Writing
Delivery Services
Livestock for Eid
Tuition Services
Real Estate Business
Fashion Designing
Beauty Salons and Parlors
If you have got other business ideas, we would appreciate your ideas. Share with us within comments.

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